In Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue, a Connecticut Women for Life meeting is interrupted by a young mother who needs help. Elsewhere in history, a group of wealthy Londoners write a dictionary of slang so they can speak the unspeakable in front of their wives and daughters, and a New England tea party devolves into an intervention when the lady of the house must fire the indiscreet help.

Alliance/Kendeda Finalist 2021-2022

O'Neill National Playwrights Conference Semi-Finalist 2021

After a tragic accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down, ZZ spends her days creating ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) videos for a YouTube channel, and hoping to become a millionaire. As ZZ’s world becomes more isolated through her total immersion in technology, a competition with a fellow YouTube star named Gabi Shush, and the desires of a mysterious Donor, drive ZZ to confront the loss she has locked herself away from the world to avoid. 

Developed with ShoutOut Saugerties and a free, masked outdoor reading on 4/18/2021. Join us!


And her? Dig out a trench. Pile earth on top.

Lay heavy soil on her ungodly head.

                                  -Seneca, Phaedra

Written in collaboration with director Katherine Wilkinson, Take Me For the Mountain tells the story of Phaedra, a woman who is married to a bad man. Through interlocking scenes that take place in "women's spaces,"; nail salons, gynecologist offices, Costco, Phaedra's fall from social grace lands her in a mountaintop commune of goddesses, where she must reckon with her lifetime of loving a man who caused ruin.


First Reading 2019


Big Dead Bird is an adaptation of Thornton Wilder's Our Town. Set in the 2010s, the play explores the ramifications of the opioid crisis on the good people of Kensington, a neighborhood in Philadelphia. With Wilder's innovative, meta-theatrical structure as its guide, Big Dead Bird is an updated "translation" of this classic play that uses the simple poetry of day-to-day life in order to examine the United States' slide into an epidemic that has ravaged the entire country, and its affect on families. This play is designed to be performed in hospitals, treatment centers, schools, and other community spaces. It will ideally find development and production opportunities in communities that have been deeply affected by the opioid crisis. 

Tiny Errors Boy Band

It’s 1999. On the competitive dance circuit, a dancer’s obsessive attempts to perfect her routine for a panel of judges threaten to take over her life. Meanwhile, the world around her grows increasingly obsessed with Y2K, boy bands, guns, celebrity...laying the groundwork for the world we find ourselves in today. By examining the seemingly inconsequential mistakes we made at the end of the 20th century, Tiny Errors at the End of the Millennium wants to know: “How did we get here?” Performed as part of IRT Theater's 3B Residency, 2018.

Tiny Errors at the End of the Millennium
01-Tiny Errors at the End of the Millenn

Photo credit: Al Foote III, Lisel Henrichsen

Trixie the Giant is one woman show created in collaboration with Creative Producer/Dramaturg Sophie Blumberg, with music written by Sean Vigneau-Britt. Inspired by the life of vaudevillian, movie star and suffragist Trixie Friganza, the play examines women's impact on early comedy, and the reverberations and consequences of that impact, through the character of "Trixie,” the last standing monolith of vaudeville. 


On May 26, 2017, Trixie the Giant was presented as a free workshop showing at the Lounge at Dixon Place after development via a First Draft Residency with The Drama League.

Graceful Exit is a play with music by Sean Vigneau-Britt that tells the story of 70-year-old performance artist Maria, who receives a cancer diagnosis that makes her question how she wants to die. Unfolding through a series of short scenes with Maria’s much younger lover, song-and-dance numbers with her nurse, stand up routines from Maria’s daughter, and visits from a mysterious marine biologist mourning the effects of climate change, Graceful Exit is a darkly comedic play with music that asks “Who controls your death?”

Graceful Exit was written in residency with the Mabou Mines Resident Artist Program 2015/2016 and The Drama League Next Draft Residency 2017.

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Photo credit: Al Foote III