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Contact me if you need help with:


  • Grad school applications

  • Undergrad applications

  • Cover letters

  • Grant materials

  • Applications to residencies, workshops, and creative intensive programs

  • Website copy

  • Letters of intent

  • Artist statements

  • Applications to any opportunity that requires you to explain why YOU should be picked

How does it work?

All meetings can take place remotely using phone calls, zoom or FaceTime chats, google docs and email. While all people work at different paces, I generally find that a few hours of one-on-one time with me is enough time for you to gather the tools you need to write something with confidence, and even joy. Sliding scale. Email for price details when you're ready to get started!


"I liked to think I knew it all and I didn't need help from nobody, but then I had to write an admissions essay for Grad school applications nearly a decade after Undergrad. Painful as it was, Alanna was a huge help in cutting for clarity and getting to the point of what I was writing while maintaining my voice and permitting only select creative grammar choices. I got into the one and only program I applied for and working with Alanna set me up for the critical writing I had ahead of me. Alanna was non-judgmental and fun to work with, she helped me articulate my ambitions and helped me stay on topic. Highly recommended for writing and company."

                                                                                                  -Jackie Rivera, Pratt Institute Performance + Performance Studies MFA class of 2020


"Alanna is an extraordinary editor. When applying for university teaching positions, I was unsure how to present myself. Alanna took my jumble of words and crafted them into an articulate and powerful statement about my pedagogy and practice. Because of her editing, I received interviews and highly positive feedback on my applications. Since connecting with Alanna, I have worked with Arcadia University, Duke University, Bates College, and Rutgers University." 

                                                                                                                                                            -Katherine Wilkinson, director & teaching artist

"I came to Alanna with a draft of my MFA application essay and no idea how it was stacking up. Alanna completely oriented me -- to what was legible, what felt superfluous, and what was the most compelling part of my case for why anyone should admit me. In a single phone conversation, she asked the exact right clarifying questions that transformed my first draft into something clearly crafted and that specifically addressed why I should go to grad school now. Alanna's guidance definitely contributed to me not only getting in but having some choices of where to go, so that I was able to choose the exact right fit for me. Seriously, get her input on your stuff -- you will not regret it."

                                                                                                                                            -Hal Cosentino, UT Austin MFA in Playwriting class of 2025




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