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And her? Dig out a trench. Pile earth on top.

Lay heavy soil on her ungodly head.

                                  -Seneca, Phaedra

Written in collaboration with director Katherine Wilkinson, Take Me For the Mountain tells the story of Phaedra, a woman who is married to a bad man. Through interlocking scenes that take place in "women's spaces,"; nail salons, gynecologist offices, Costco, Phaedra's fall from social grace lands her in a mountaintop commune of goddesses, where she must reckon with her lifetime of loving a man who caused ruin.


Inspired by Hippolytus and the mighty impotent rage that met the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, Take Me For the Mountain dismantles the idea that women must escape from society completely in order to be free from the cultural constraints of marriage, sex, and family, and explores answers to the questions: if we are who we love, then what does it mean to be a woman who loves a Very Bad Man? And, if women had all the political and cultural power, what kind of society would we build?


Take Me For the Mountain is currently seeking a home for development. 


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