I also write not-plays.


Ugly Comics began in 2010 as a direct result of living in San Francisco at the height of the financial crisis at 24 years of age, with a vague desire to be an artist but no idea what that meant, and possessing neither a job nor job prospects. More than a decade later, Ugly Comics are a tool open to anybody looking for a way to work from a place of artistic freedom and joy, a daily anti-ego practice, and a reminder that creating fearlessly is as simple as picking up a pen. Ugly Comics workshops are available to anyone ages 13-100, and can be set up here.

Cooking Rage is the premiere source for excellent and nutritious recipes to fuel your busy, 21st century life. With pro-tips and a seasoning of good cheer, Cooking Rage is here to make your days a little easier, with plenty of yummy ideas and inspiration for the 4-7 daily meals you will need to just get through this fucking mess. 

Eat your feelings here and here.

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